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Why choose us?

The main mission of our company is to support the development of the business environment and the establishment of healthy partnerships in the business sector.

That is why GeoSilkRoad has gathered qualified staff around one goal, who, at the expense of selfless work, make incredible ideas into reality.

In addition to our permanent staff, we work with industry specialists who are specifically invited to oversee the full execution of projects. Quality is of a paramount importance to our company, which is why working with qualified, industry-leading personnel is a priority for us.

Within the scope of its activities, the company GeoSilkRoad provides consulting services to companies from around the world in entrepreneurial activity on the territory of Georgia, which includes helping entrepreneurs obtain the necessary permits, attracting government and private projects, working with public and private organizations, and succeeding in the local market through legitimate, healthy competition.

We offer businesses our complex services that ultimately defines their market leadership and overcomes new challenges. Partnering with us means high quality, customized, individualized services and development!

We are always ready for cooperation, because – cooperation is the basis for development and success.

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We believe that without cooperation there is no development. It is with this approach that GeoSilkRoad has established affiliates that have successfully positioned themselves in the competitive market and are focused on building an even stronger partnership with future prospects!

GeoSilkRoad Subsidiaries: Georaiting-ი,  GDC,  Geovisitg and Geosilk Translations are the leading companies in the field today!  

We believe that by working together, with a trust based partnership approach and a dedicated workforce we will create a strong development-focused team that is ready to respond to all the challenges of our time!

Holding, which offers full services

  • Assessment for profit growth
    • Land valuation;
    • Evaluation of buildings;
    • Evaluation of commercial spaces;
    • Appraisal of an apartment;
    • Private home valuation;
    • Evaluation of cottages;
    • Leasehold rent assessment.
  • Full Arcitectural Servise
  • Full Business service
  • Translation service
  • Your business Traveler
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What We Can Do For You

• Ready-to-invest projects for entrepreneurial activities
• Providing meetings with representatives of different public structures
• Assisting different companies to gain advantage in healthy and legal competitive environment
• Consultations with highly qualified specialists

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Our company slogan:

Our company is registered on the EEN (ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK) platform, Which enables us to stay in touch with leading European countries

Latest added projects


Geosilkroad offers investment projects, prepared at each level (researching market, marketing, planning, design, investment), to local and foreign investors

Road of constant development

Georgia – Crossroad of economical, political and cultural links between Asia and Europe


Geosilkroad was founded to give complete guidance to business groups from over the globe to implement successful projects in different fields and give complete answers to your questions. Our team consists of high professionals who follow to the international standards. It is worth to emphasise as your business guides, we can arrange official meetings with the official representatives of different ministries of Georgia if your interest for collaboration will be real. Our team is ready for successful collaboration.


Address: Georgia, Tbilisi, Nikoloz Baratashvili Street # 12 / Bachana Bregvadze Street # 2. Postcode (ZIP) 0114.


 Mobile (+995)  595 655 655; 

         (+995) 596 206 206 

     Office(+ 995) 322 477 344

Address: Kuwait, El Kuwait, Al-Ahmad Muhafazah, Mahbula Region N1, Street N144, Office N6


 Mobile  (+965) 6776 3755

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