When investing in Georgia one of the most promising and at the same time low risk investment field is Real Estate. In 2018, investment in Real Estate was increased by 31% compared to 2017, while the difference between 2017 and 2016 was 20%. Parallel to the increase in the volume of transactions, the price of M2 has increased by 6% in case of residential Real Estate. Since 2018, new construction regulations have been launched in Tbilisi, aiming to improve the quality of construction. As a result the number of issued construction permits has been decreased significantly (-47%), which will reduce the real estate market in the future and will result in increased prices.  Another factor that affects prices is tourism. Georgia’s integration into the international platforms of Real Estate enabled property owners to turn their real estate into a source of income and get higher returns than they would have if they rented it in the domestic market.  It should be noted that in recent years a tendency is observed, when citizens of neighb countries are moving to live in Georgia for a long time of period or permanently. With the growth of tourism, it is expected that more and more people will be involved in this business, which will increase demand for real estate. Also, several large investment projects are being implemented in Georgia, which will significantly increase the investment potential of real estate in the existing low growth rate of urbanization (+ 5% in 2008-2018). The combination of these and other factors will enable stable growth of real estate prices in the future.

Successful investment in Real Estate requires a clear and definitive strategy. The company “Geosilkroad” offers consultation on Real Estate investment issues, which also means assessing the Real Estate investment project.

The natural geographical potential of Georgia gives the opportunity of investing in many areas of Real Estate, such as: residential and commercial real estate, hotel and resort, enterprise facilities and agricultural lands.

Our experts will pick a real estate based on your intentions and requirements. In case of necessity, determining the terms of using real estate for building, designing and agreeing construction project.

We offer the best possible investment in Real Estate, market value of which is guaranteed to grow.

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