Modern business environment is dynamically developing, timely expansion of the company, implementation of business ideas and creating new business is of utmost importance for achieving success, and financing is critical and often the most difficult stage. Holding “Geosilkroad” – will help your business to achieve success by attracting investment.

Our wide partnership-investment network allows us to find the right investor for your business, abroad or inside the country, in terms of equity participation or other specific interests. Investment can be attracted for an expansion of existing business (partial financing) as well as for complete financing of the new business idea.

Prior to starting a search for an investor or partner, initially we study the project completely, which includes: assessing risks and advantages, financial modeling, implementation of the necessary research, technical expertise, calculating profit loss, cash flow modeling and feasibility study. Your project will be commercially attractive and credible to potential investors, allowing them to take the right decision in consideration of risk and analysis.

Business financing process involves several key stages:

  • Interview, introduction of Business and Idea – At this stage we evaluate the general attractiveness of the idea, determine the viability of the idea and how realistic it is to find financing;
  • In-depth study of business ideas and preparation of a business plan, using all necessary analytical tools and models;
  • Finding potential investors in consideration of their business or sectoral interests;
  • Making offers and communicating with selected investors;
  • Agreeing the financing terms;
  • Drawing up the financing schedule and conducting the final agreement in consideration of all legal-procedural standards.

We will help you to turn business into an attractive investment offer, as well as in finding financing and realizing business plan.

General factors for success of business idea:

  • The viability of the business idea;
  • Uniqueness or superiority of the business idea in comparison to similar ideas;
  • Experience in relevant or similar field;
  • Technical reasoning of the business idea;
  • Particularity and transparency of the idea.
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