Holding “Geosilkroad” with its subsidiary company “Georating” offers consultation and services related to permits and licenses, including:

  • Representation of a license (permit) applicant with the relevant administrative body issuing a license (permit) with the purpose of obtaining different types of license and / or permit;
  • Appeal of the decision on refusal to issue a license (permit);

The license is the right to carry out the specific activity, which is assigned to the person/entity on the basis of the individual act issued by the relevant administrative body.

The permit represents the right granted by the administrative body to the person/entity on the basis of an administrative act, to carry out the activity one time and / or for a certain period of time envisaged by the Law in a specific territory, in accordance with the conditions prescribed by law.

We will assist you with obtaining following types of licenses and permits:

  1. Banking License.
  2. Non-banking – deposit – credit activity license.
  3. Securities Registrar License.
  4. Brokerage License License.
  5. Specialized Depository License.
  6. Stock Exchange License.
  7. Central Depository License.
  8. The license of an assets
  9. License of childcare activity.
  10. Permit for transit of products subject to veterinary control.
  11. Permit for import of products subject to veterinary control.
  12. Permit to import, export, and transit waste.
  13. Permit for local city regular passenger transportation.
  14. Permit to transport passangers with a taxi (a small car – M1 category) in the capital of Georgia.
  15. Permit to import dual- purpose products.
  16. Permit to export dual- purpose products.
  17. Permit to transit dual-purpose products.
  18. Permit for brokerage services on dual- purpose products.

Technical assistance permit for dual- purpose products.

Depending on customer’s interests, it is possible to provide consultation about other types of licenses.

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