Company “Georating” a subsidiary of Holding “Geosilkroad” provides rating service, which includes researching variety of business subjects and giving them appropriate ratings according to international rating standards, which defines the index of integral risks of the organization’s business and financial condition. Furthermore, follow-up recommendations for client companies in order to improve working conditions.

The company “Georating” has its own unique methodology for ranking, which was created with consideration of working procedures of the worldwide rating companies. “Georating” is objective, impartial and has high professional standards, a company that is committed to improving business environment and raising the quality of investment activities in the country.

The company “Georating” prepares rating reports based on customer’s interests: in Georgian, English, Russian and other languages. To determine the rating of the company, for the full characterization and for determining all the existing risks, we identify the sectors of the company’s activities, which together form a complex. After identifying these sectors, we determine the coefficient of priority for these sectors.

Sub-sectoral model is used to evaluate individual sectors, each sub-sector also has a corresponding priority coefficient in percentages, which defines the share of these sub sectors in the overall rating score. To evaluate sub-sectors, “Georating” uses different types of instruments – analyzes reports of audit, financial, accounting and controlling services; conducting sociological surveys between employees of the Customer Company and in the environment of existing and potential customers as well; analysis of information received from social networks and mass media; Relations with state structures and relevant regulators.

“Georating” has a 11-step assessment scale AA+, AA, A, BB+, BB, B+, B, B-, C+, C and C. Each level of positive ratings from AA + to B has relevant numerical coefficient of 10 to 3, which is used to calculate the corresponding the final rating.

სარეიტინგო ქულის მინიჭების სკალა

The company “Georating” on average requires 10 business days to complete the rating of the company.

“Georating” also uses predictability of the expected change of rating. It can be – “stable” – the change in rating is not expected during the next year. “Variable” – Rating can be improved or deteriorate. “Negative” – Rating is likely to deteriorate and “positive” is likely to improve.

The rating score and report can be used for the following purpose:

  • For assessment of the investing object (company) by the Investor;
  • To make managerial decisions and improving company’s performance;
  • To eliminate risks and to increase efficiency.

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