• Residence permits and certificates

Holding “Geosilkrood” with its subsidiary company “Georating” offers an intermediary-consultation services to obtain the residency on the territory of Georgia, which means:

  • Representation of residence permit (permit) applicant with respective administrative body;
  • Appeal of decision on refusal to issue a residence permit (permit);

The following types of residence permits can be issued in Georgia:

Labor residence permit

Shall be issued for the purpose of entrepreneurial or labor activity in Georgia as well as to the person with free profession according to the rule established by the Georgian legislation.

Study residence permit

Shall be issued for the purpose of study at Authorized Educational Institution in Georgia.

Residence permit for family reunification

Is issued to the family members of the foreigner who have a residence permit.

Residence permit for a former citizen of Georgia

Is issued to a foreigner whose Georgian citizenship was terminated.

Residence permit for a non-citizen

Shall be granted to a person whose status as a stateless person was established in Georgia.

Special residence permit

Shall be issued to the foreigner, who according to a reasonable assumption may be a Victim of a human trafficking or Injured in the cases envisaged by the Law of Georgia “On combating against human trafficking”; To a foreigner on whom a written initiative for a temporary residence permit in Georgia will be represented by a member of the Government of Georgia; A temporary residence permit shall be issued to a foreigner when it is impossible to expel him/her from Georgia in one of the following cases: she is persecuted for political beliefs or actions that are not considered a crime under the Georgian legislation; He is persecuted for protecting human rights and peace, for progressive socio-political, scientific and creative activities; His life or health is in danger or when the grounds for the expulsion of the foreigner has not been eliminated after 30 days or when he can not be identified or when none of the States declare consesnt on receiving a foreigner.

Permanent residence permit

Shall be granted to a spouse, parent and child of the Georgian citizen. A permanent residence permit shall also be issued to the foreigner who lived in Georgia during the last six years on the basis of a temporary residence permit. This period of living in Georgia for work or study and working periods in diplomatic and equal representations.

Investment residence permit

Shall be issued to the foreigner who invested in Georgia no less than 300,000 GEL in accordance with the Law of Georgia “On facilitation and guarantees of investment activities” and to his / her family members. For the purposes of this subsection, family members are the spouse of the foreigner, minor child and incapable or disabled person on his full support.

Temporary residence permit

Shall be granted to a foreign citizen who has been granted a status of Victim in accordance with the Law of Georgia on “Prevention of domestic violence, protection and assistance to victims of domestic violence”.

Short term residence permit

Shall be issued to a foreigner who has ownership rights on real estate (except agricultural land) in the territory of Georgia according to the Georgian legislation, if its market value exceeds 35,000 USD equivalent in GEL and his family members. To provide a short-term residence permit, the market value of the real estate shall be determined by the certified valuator of the accredited body by the Legal Entity of Public Law – Unified National Body of Accreditation – Accreditation Center.

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