•  Translation of the website

For many organizations website is its image and business card. It is the best way to attract foreign partners and potential clients. Accessibility of the websites in many languages is a must ​​nowadays. The more languages your company’s website has, the bigger will be the number of your potential customers. Translation should be made by highly qualified staff to enable customers to freely access the information provided.

That’s why the company “Geo Silk Translation” offers full technical translation services for your website, which includes the technical translation of both standard and press releases, blogs and other content.

Any text of the website is not only a text, but also a set of graphical objects containing buttons, banners, drawings, meta data, which should also be carried out according to specific web-processing rules.

The main goal of the company “Geo Silk Translation” is to provide high quality service in the shortest possible time.


  • Translation / Certification of documents

The company “Geo Silk Translation” offers high quality translation and notarial certification of all types of documents in the shortest possible time. Certificates, diplomas and attachments, business cards, passports, immunization cards, marriage and divorce certificates, conviction certificates, death certificates, testimonies, police reports and other documents. We offer professional, quick and confidential translation services in every language.


  • Translation of legal documents

Company “GST” provides you with high quality legal translation service. The accuracy of the translation of international contracts and agreements, of foreign law, court documentation and statutory acts is determined by deep knowledge of legal terminology. All translations will be implemented by our highly qualified specialists in the following main directions:


  • Legislative acts
  • Court decisions and resolutions
  • Confirmatory documents
  • Judicial citations, motions and etc.



  • Definitions, resolutions and decisions
  • Reports and technical materials
  • Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates, etc.



  • Contracts
  • Wills and certificates
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Financial documents
  • Insurance records
  • University, secondary school documents and more


  • Simultaneous translation


The company “GST” offers high-quality simultaneous translation services. The team of our qualified and experienced professionals will provide you with translation on conferences, trainings, forums, business meetings and so on. The simultaneous translation is a service where the translator provides a thorough translation of the text, although in some cases s/he uses interpretation for better perception.

Frequently, the translator has only a few seconds to consider the sentence and then forward it to the audience with the corresponding terminology. Simultaneous translation requires great energy. As a rule, simultaneous translators exchange each other with 20-25 minute intervals. That is why simultaneous translation is provided by minimum of 2 or more translators.


  • Consecutive translation


The company “GST” offers high-quality consecutive translation services. During this type of translation, the speaker or the participant of the meeting makes a pause at the end of each sentence and thus allows the translator to speak in a foreign language or vice versa – from a foreign language in Georgian or from foreign language to a foreign language.


Consecutive translation is usually used in the following cases:

  • Business negotiations
  • Telephone or skype calls
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Briefings, press conferences, presentations, exhibitions
  • Furchett, festive events


  • Technical translation

The company “GST” offers high quality technical translation services. Which in turn contains accurate translation of the technical documentation, scientific articles or instructions for technical equipment. We offer professional translation of technical texts of various topics in the following directions: Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Construction, Aviation, Energy, Petroleum, Geology, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry etc.


  • Scientific translation

Company “GST” offers high quality scientific translation services. Its peculiarity is accuracy of the thought, laconic and objectivity. Function of Documents is to provide information and proove its correctness.

The translation of the scientific work requires not only language knowledge but also the ability to understand the original. It is important to translate the information adequately, without inaccuracy and distortion.

Group of professional translators works on any type and complexity of scientific texts:

  • Scientific publications
  • Dissertation
  • Scientific-technical materials
  • Manuals
  • Results of scientific research
  • Essay
  • Course works and more


  • Medical translation

Company “GST” offers high quality medical translation services. Medical translation is a highly specialized bias, inaccuracy can lead to wrong diagnosis and fatal consequences. That’s why we offer you the best qualified staff who have exhaustive knowledge and experience for accurate translation. The most commonly used services are:

  • Individual registration forms
  • Clinical researches
  • Medication registration documentation
  • Use manuals and supplements
  • Forms of informed consent
  • Instruction for installation of scientific equipment
  • Labeling
  • Use Guide
  • Packaging and labeling patents
  • Patient history
  • Patient questionnaire
  • Protocols
  • Applied system software interface
  • Reports in toxicology
  • Guidelines for Customers


  • Literary translation

The company “GST” offers high quality literary translation services. For this type of bias: ambiguous phrases, emotional load, use of outdated expressions and archetypes, the abundance of stylistic approaches. This type of translation is a kind of art. We offer professional translations of professional texts and materials from European and Oriental languages ​​and vice versa: stories, novels, essays, publications. Critical articles, books, brochures, memoirs of writers and politicians.

  • Nonverbal translation / sign language

The company “GST” offers you a high quality nonverbal (signs language) translation service. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive service of your conferences and activities in order to provide the information available to every person, including disabled (hearing impairment).

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