Foreign trade turnover has increased by 23%


According to the preliminary data of Geostat, in January-October of 2021, the foreign trade turnover of goods in Georgia (excluding undeclared trade) amounted to 11 352.4 million US dollars, which is 23.0 percent more than in the same period last year. Out of this, exports amounted to 3,392.5 million USD (up 24.9 percent) and imports to 7,959.9 million USD (up 22.3 percent).
According to statistics, in January-October 2021, the list of largest exporting and importing countries in foreign trade turnover.
Share of Major Exporting Countries in total exports in January-October 2021*:
China 15.3%
Russia 14.2%
Azerbaijan 13.1%
Turkey 7.7%
Ukraine 7.2%
Other countries 42.5%


The share of the Major Importing Countries in total imports in January-October of 2021*:

Turkey 17.8%
Russia 10.2%
China 8.9%
USA 6.2%
Azerbaijan 5.6%
Other countries 51.3%


The document also presents the largest export and import goods in January-October 2021*.
In case of export, the commodity items were distributed as follows:
Copper ores and concentrates 19.3%
Ferroalloys 11.1%
Cars 11.0%
Natural grape wines 5.6%
Alcoholic beverages 3.6%
Other goods 49.4%

The import turnover statistics look like this:
Cars 8.9%
Petroleum and petroleum products 8.2%
Copper ores and concentrates 7.1%
Packaged Medicines 3.8%
Oil gases 3.0%
Other goods 69.1%

The Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia positively assesses the mentioned dynamics of foreign trade. «The significant increase in exports is the result of state programs aimed at import substitution and export promotion,» Natia Turnava said.
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