“Business Chamber of Asian and Gulf Countries” was established in Georgia chin


Georgia’s strategic location, which implies a favorable position in the West-East part, gives the countrywide opportunities. In particular, it is a unique opportunity for Georgia to use its location at the crossroad of Europe and Asia in terms of establishing and deepening investment, social, cultural relations between the States.

This led to the establishment of a new business union. On July 13, 2021, Business Chamber of Asian and Gulf Countries was established, which brings together small, medium and large companies in the region, as well as individuals for whom the South Caucasus is attractive and interesting for investment.

 On August 10 of the current year (10.08.2021) the official presentation of the Business Chamber was held at the Biltmore Hotel, which was attended by representatives of the Georgian government, private sector and diplomatic corps, as well as foreign investors and individuals. The president of the organization, Darpan Prasher and the Vice Presidents – Davit Tsirdava, Giorgi Otaridze addressed the wide audience. They introduced the vision and concept of the Business Chamber to the invited guests.

Attracting foreign investment was named as one of the main vectors of the organization. According to them, a consistent and clearly defined action plan will be aimed at clearly demonstrating all the advantages that Georgia has in terms of trade and economy.

We offer a set of important issues that will encourage the growth of the country’s investment potential:

  • Political reforms;
  • Liberal economic reforms;
  • Privatization of state property;
  • Attractive macroeconomic environment;
  • Competitive trading rules;
  • Liberal Tax Code;
  • Modernized licensing system;
  • Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) between Georgia and the European Union;
  • Free Trade Agreement between Georgia and the People’s Republic of China;
  • Strategic geographical location;

The organization today unites many successful international or local companies. As the advantage of joining the Business Chamber should be considered to be, on the one hand, providing members with constantly updated information about current events in the country (investment climate, economic environment or cultural-educational news); On the other hand, a means of establishing international-level ties and partnerships; This will help companies, investors and individuals in financial advancement.

            The Business Chamber plans to implement the most important projects. One of his driving ideas is the formation of Georgia as a “Knowledge exporter” State. The plan is to set up a field training center for professional development and staff development. In addition, it is planned to create a database of experts, which will facilitate the realization of knowledge in the international or local market.

With these and other values, Business Chamber of Asian and Gulf Countries started functioning, which announces the implementation of many large-scale projects in the future.

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