“Georgia and Tajikistan signed an agreement on international traffic” chin


Georgia, with its geopolitical location, is a transit country between Europe and Asia, a kind of medium, which is a profitable position in terms of trade and economy. So to speak, Georgia plays an essential role on the world map as a transit-connecting country.

The Government of Georgia has bilateral agreements on international road traffic with 31 countries, representing the countries of Europe and Central Asia. It is self-evident that this type of act defines mutual interests and the document is completed with agreed clauses. For example, the agreement is based on freight transport, road transport / transportation, traffic regulation, etc.

Every new step in the direction of international trade is essential for the strengthening of the Georgian economy. On April 14 this year, the Georgian government signed a bilateral agreement with another country, Tajikistan, on international road traffic.

The chronology of diplomatic relations between Georgia and the Republic of Tajikistan dates back to August 4, 1994. Transport and agriculture have been named as areas of successful cooperation since this period. Against this background the above agreement is all the more important. Whereas simplified traffic will greatly facilitate and deepen the trade-economic connection. The document envisages the carriage of freight from bilateral, transit / third / countries, based on the number of permits allowed for traffic.

The future expectations of this agreement are, of course, positive changes, which should have a positive impact on the Georgian economy.

Author: Keti Bichikashvili

Source : http://www.economy.ge/?page=news&nw=1663 14.04.2021