• Architecture

Architectural Company “GDC” offers a full range of architectural services, including:

  • Establishment of a design assignment – in accordance with customer requirements;
  • Setting up project goals with the client;
  • Go through alternatives using sketches and drawings
  • Creating detailed drawings of construction projects;
  • Establishment of technical tasks based on customer wishes and requirements;
  • Agreeing construction budget framework – establishment of cost estimation;
  • Determining the necessary participants in designing works – subcontractors and specialists of narrow fields;
  • View, study, zone and performing other necessary activities at the project site;
  • Finding specific requirements related to construction site (construction zones, historical research, etc.);
  • Create a sketch project and implementation of preproject surveys;
  • Developing the project concept;
  • Preparation of documents / drawings for obtaining permits from relevant State agencies;
  • Review and specification of city planning, voluminous, functional, technical, ecological and building issues;
  • The sketch of the interior and exterior 3D renders / models will be presented;
  • Preliminary discussion of project agreement issues with Architecture Service;
  • Active involvement in project agreement and approval with the municipal service;
  • Active support / involvement of architectural supervision engineering group in organizing and performing of construction/repair works.
  • City Planning (Urban Planning)

The architectural company “GDC” offers architectural services for city planning, which includes:

  • Urban Structuring – Connecting city locations (districts);
  • City Typology – Spatial and Urban Types, which affect usage of the city’s infrastructure and resources;
  • Accessibility – ensuring uninterrupted and safe use of transport arteries;
  • Awareness and place Orientation – Ensures facilitation of site orientation for the inhabitants of the settled areas and the visitors;
  • Restoration – Locating buildings and facilities in a way to stimulate the location and attract visitors to this location;
  • Complimentary use – when one district of a city or location “fills” the other destination;
  • Character and significance – creating distinction between the locations of a city;
  • Pattern and randomness – protection of balance between town locations;
  • Public space – Placement of squares, parks, squares and other public spaces according to the general plan of development.
  • Topography

The company “GDC” offers a full-scale topographic service. Which in turn includes:

  • Planning of a place;
  • Mathematical processing of measurements;
  • Graphical image of a equations in the form of topographical maps and plans;
  • Producing topographic and other types of maps;
  • Measurement, marking and separation of internal and external areas;
  • Preparation of cadastral data;
  • Air photo, spatial planning;
  • Create 3D maps;
  • Data processing;
  • Create stereo maps and so on

The works are completed within the shortest time possible by qualified specialists.

  • Engineering Geological Survey

Company “GDC” offers highly qualified full-scale engineering geological research services.

Engineering geology studies upper horizons of the Earth’s crust and their dynamics regarding human engineering and construction activities. Structure of the rocks, texture, ground, etc.

Engineering geology in its turn combines several areas: geology, regional engineering geology, marine engineering geology, engineering seismology, etc.

The main purpose of engineering geology and engineering geological research is to determine if implementing a specific construction project is possible on that specific land and what constructive elements are needed for the firmness and sustainability of the building.

  • N41 Expert assessment / consultation according to resolution N41

Safety – one of the most important elements of the construction process. That is why company “GDC” offers full high quality expert service according to the Resolution N41 of the Government of Georgia, Technical Regulations “Building Safety Rules”. Evaluation Includes all the work outlined in the resolution to ensure that the project is in compliance with the law.

  • Technological designing

The company “GDC” offers technological design services that involve designing various technological objects, including:

  • Transformer booths and substations;
  • Auto Laundry Boxes and Posts;
  • Fuel stations and posts;
  • Coast protective engineering works;
  • Tanks and reservoirs;
  • Warehouse spaces;
  • Industrial objects;
  • Boxes and workshops;
  • Drainage and anti-landslide constructions;
  • Production communications;
  • Storage facilities;
  • Loading platforms and bunkers;
  • Medical facilities;
  • Boiler Rooms;
  • Other non-residential buildings.

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