MICE Tourism, Student exchange programs

Meetings, Incentive, Conferences, Exhibitions

Experience of “Geovisit” in tourism starts from 2010 and contains many important events. Our service will help you increase sales, strengthen relationships with business partners and customers as well as with employees in the long run. We create services customized on your individual requirements.

MICE tourism includes:

Meetings ;
Excursions and tour packages;
Individual and group offers for the employees of your company;
Air tickets;
Conferences and exhibitions;
Team-building and quests.

  • Fast and reliable;
  • Best prices;
  • Personal manager;
  • Translator-guide services in almost every language;
  • Make the best route for your business trip;
  • + Services of a photographer as a gift!
  • Geovisit

Mountain, sea, delicious cuisine, mix of Eastern and Western cultures, hospitable and friendly people – is what makes Georgia. We create unforgettable experience!

  • Medical tourism

Unique climate, natural conditions, sea, mineral and thermal waters, caves, world-renowned resorts, balneological and recreational places – is what you will meet in Georgia. Highly qualified specialists will take care of your health and relaxation.

Medical tourism is vastly developing in Georgia, which is due to the quality, availability and price of different medical services in different countries.

  • Balneological resorts

  • Balneology resorts are rich with minerals such as silica, sulfur, selenium and radium. Medicinal clays are widely used, a practice which is known as “Mud therapy”.

“Geovisit” offers medical and recreational services, rest and take care of your health where nature is going to support you!

The land-place of endless wonders where you feel its authenticity from the very first visit and impressions will forever remain in your mind. Georgia is especially attractive for travelers interested in extreme and new discoveries, as well as for families, people who seek relaxation and for travelers interested in cultural monuments.
Georgia is a country where old traditions are closely but perfectly combined with modernity. Here you will find ancient architecture and monuments which, despite the invasions and wars, still proudly convey the history of the country. Georgia is a sunny country that captures the hearts of travelers at first sight. Typologies:

VIP tours;
Combined tours;
Recreational tours;Cultural tours;
Pilgrim tours;
Wine tours;
Adventure tours;
Extreme tours;
Gastronomic tours

The company “Geovisit” offers tours towards any direction of the world. Our team of highly qualified staff will take care of your comfort and security.


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