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One of the profiles of the company “GeoSilkRoad” is the translation services provided by the daughter company Geosilk Translations in any region of Georgia in more than 50 languages, which unites up to 500 Georgian and 800 foreign certified translators and proofreaders. Geosilk Translations additionally offers various digital services;

The advantage of Geosilk Translations is the services of translators specialized in various fields, which means the translation of documents on different topics by professionals in the relevant field. Each translated document goes through quality control – checked by a proofreader.

The group, staffed by Georgian and foreign professionals, offers the following services:

Written translation:

❖translation / Certification of documents

The company Geosilk translations offers high-quality translation and notarial certification of all types of documents in the shortest possible time. Certificates, diplomas and attachments, business cards, passports, immunization cards, marriage and divorce certificates, conviction certificates, death certificates, testimonies, police reports, and other documents. We offer professional, quick, and confidential translation services in every language.

❖Translation of legal documents

Company “Geosilk translations” provides you with high-quality legal translation service. The accuracy of the translation of international contracts and agreements, of foreign law, court documentation, and statutory acts is determined by deep knowledge of legal terminology. All translations will be implemented by our highly qualified specialists

❖Technical translation

The company ” Geosilk translations ” offers high-quality technical translation services. Which in turn contains the accurate translation of the technical documentation, scientific articles, or instructions for technical equipment. We offer professional translation of technical texts of various topics in the following directions: Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Construction, Aviation, Energy, Petroleum, Geology, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry etc.

❖Scientific translation

Company ” Geosilk translations ” offers high-quality scientific translation services. Its peculiarity is the accuracy of the thought, laconic, and objectivity. The function of Documents is to provide information and prove its correctness. The translation of the scientific work requires not only language knowledge but also the ability to understand the original. It is important to translate the information adequately, without inaccuracy and distortion. Group of professional translators works on any type and complexity of scientific texts.

❖Medical translation

Company “Geosilk translations” offers high-quality medical translation services. Medical translation is a highly specialized bias, inaccuracy can lead to wrong diagnosis and fatal consequences. That’s why we offer you the best-qualified staff who have exhaustive knowledge and experience for accurate translation.

❖Literary translation
The company “Geosilk translations” offers high-quality literary translation services. For this type of bias: ambiguous phrases, emotional load, use of outdated expressions and archetypes, the abundance of stylistic approaches. This type of translation is a kind of art. We offer professional translations of professional texts and materials from European and Oriental languages and vice versa: stories, novels, essays, publications, critical articles, books, brochures, memoirs, etc.

❖Translation of the website
For many organizations website is its image and business card. It is the best way to attract foreign partners and potential clients. Accessibility of the websites in many languages is a must nowadays. The more languages your company’s website has, the bigger will be the number of your potential customers. The translation should be made by highly qualified staff to enable customers to freely access the information provided.

Oral translation

❖ Simultaneous translation

The company “Geosilk translations” offers high-quality simultaneous translation services. The team of our qualified and experienced professionals will provide you with translation on conferences, trainings, forums, business meetings, and so on. The simultaneous translation is a service where the translator provides a thorough translation of the text, although in some cases s/he uses interpretation for better perception. Frequently, the translator has only a few seconds to consider the sentence and then forward it to the audience with the corresponding terminology. Simultaneous translation requires a lot of energy and the necessary qualifications.

❖ Consecutive translation

High-quality consecutive translation service. When providing this kind of service, the speaker or the participant of the meeting pauses at the end of each sentence and thus allows the interpreter to translate what he/she has said.

Consecutive translation is usually used in the following cases:

  • Business negotiations
  • Telephone or skype calls
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Briefings, press conferences, presentations, exhibitions
  • Furchett, festive events
Nonverbal translation

Nonverbal translation/sign language 

The company “Geosilk translations” offers you a high-quality nonverbal (signs language) translation service. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive service of your conferences and activities in order to provide the information available to every person, including the disabled (hearing impairment).

Any type of text needs to be processed by a professional editor and proofreader after creation, which includes morphological-orthographic, punctuation, and stylistic editing. As a result, the text becomes accurate and perfect. The professional editors/proofreaders’ team of Geosilk Translations ensures that the texts you provide are corrected/edited to the highest standards;

Geosilk Translations offers the transfer of texts from various types of video-audio recordings, manuscripts, or any other type of material to the electronic format; This service will help you to use these materials according to your needs;

Geosilk Translations offers digital processing and preparation of printed materials/texts for further printing. Typesetting is a prerequisite for printing books, magazines, brochures, and other materials; In the process of typesetting, each page of the material to be printed is processed exactly in the way as the final printed document looks.

Geosilk Translations offers the digitization of various types of printed materials or documents in electronic format. In the modern world, having only a printed document is often a hindrance. Digitized documents will make your workflow faster and more flexible.

Geosilk Translations offers the preparation of blogs, journalistic and promotional articles about your business or activities. Talking to your audience about your business in the most accurate and sophisticated manner is one of the most important prerequisites for success.

Geosilk Translations provides the service of creating any type of presentation material. In the modern world, it is important to present your idea or activity correctly – in a presentable way, that will help the clients, supervisors, and colleagues to correctly perceive the work you have done. Geosilk Translations will also assist you in composing and developing your personal or commercial resume.

If you have additional questions and want to obtain the information on the prices, please, do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel: +995 596 655 655; +995 32 247 73 44;

E-mail address:

Address: 12 Baratashvili Street

Working hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 am07:00 pm.

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