Construction, repair, reconstruction

construction and repair /Geosilkroa

Holding “Geosilkroad” offers a wide range of construction works::

  • Construction of individual and multi-apartment houses;
  • Construction of industrial areas and warehouses;
  • Building of temporary constructions;
  • Completion of construction projects;
  • Active support/involvement of architectural supervision engineering group in organizing and performing construction and repair works.

Holding “Grosilkroad” offers a wide range of internal and external repair works. Service includes:

  • Building reinforcement works – reinforcement of backbone constructions;
  • Roof arrangement – reconstruction;
  • Installation – change of communications (electricity, water supply, sewerage);
  • Replacement of plans – installation and dismantling of partitions and backbone constructions;
  • Arrangement of floors using different materials;
  • Arranging of ceilings;
  • Lighting installation;
  • Daubing and concrete works;
  • Painting;
  • Glass insertion works;
  • Arrangement of conditioning and ventilation.

GeoSilkRoad Holding offers a cost estimate before starting the repair and construction works, based on which you will be able to analyze the future financial expenses before starting the works;