Real estate appraisal

Holding “Geosilkroad” with its subsidiary company “Georating” valuates the Real Estate according to international IVS standards.


IVS (International Valuation Standards) Standard recognizes three approaches to Real Estate valuation:

  1. Comparing sales;
  2. Capitalization of Income;
  3. Expenses.

Independent export valuation of real estate is essential for carrying out almost any kind of operation. Whether it is a sale, rental, mortgage, division of property, or a mortgage loan in the bank; The need for real estate valuation is before a decision on construction or reconstruction is made; For companies having a real estate which must be included in the equity capital and so on;

Prior to making a decision on the further use of real estate (attracting investors in the project, changing the purpose of the object, etc.) it is necessary to carry independent export valuation.

real estate تقييم العقارات

Company services include all procedures related to real estate valuation (throughout Georgia). Real estate valuation includes the following main trends:

  • Land valuation;
  • Valuation of buildings;
  • Valuation of commercial area;
  • Residential apartment valuation;
  • Valuation of private house;
  • Cottage valuation;
  • Lease rental valuation.

Property to be valuated – Apartment, house, commercial area, agricultural and non-agricultural plots require individual consideration and consideration of specific specifications. Accordingly, the time required for each property valuation is different. The cost of service for valuation is also different.

We adhere to confidentiality and take full responsibility for the quality of services, which will be in conformity with international standards of valuation and legislation of Georgia. Our approach and experience allow us to make accurate and objective assessment of real estate in the shortest possible terms.