Preparation of tender documents

Geosilkroad’offers preparation of tender documents.
State and public legal entities are annually purchasing the products and services worth several billion GEL. The objects of procurement include: construction works, software, insurance, oil products, cleaning, tools, office equipment, vehicles, furniture, nutrition, building materials, clothing and more. Holding “Geosilkroad” will provide you with consultation and help you prepare tender documents.

After selecting the desired tender, our team will help you prepare all the necessary documentation for participation in the tender, including:


إعداد وثائق العطاء /preparation of tender documents
  • Prepare and collect relevant documentation confirming qualification requirements;
  • Find and request necessary documents from State agencies, banks and other organizations (if necessary);
  • Specify tender terms and conditions.

In parallel with the preparation of the documentation, we are conducting general consultation and we are assessing the tender conditions, which significantly increases the probability of winning the tender. Our services also include monitoring of tenders and analyzing closed tenders in order to monitor prices and other commercial interests.

If necessary, we can register your company in the unified system of State procurement and also participate in trading as a trustee. To set the price according to your interests and goals.

After the successful completion of the tender, we compile-correct an agreement, adjust it according to your interests. We will also help you appeal tender results in compliance with all legal regulations if there is an objective reason for it and it can be proved (dishonest trade).