Marketing and full advertising services

მარკეტინგული და სრული სარეკლამო მომსახურეობა/ marketing and Pr
marketing activities

A team of experienced professionals of GeoCreative offers a wide range of marketing services. The advertising agency individually considers the specific features of each client and offers the communication strategy or individual events adjusted to them.

The creative agency employs high-level professionals in the field of copywriting, design, video shooting/editing and social media management.

We offer the following services:

  • Making a company Brand Book
  •  (creating visual and qualitative characteristics of the brand);
  • Design and printing of leaflets, banners, billboards

Before starting its activity each company needs to define the identity of its branding and creating the design of relevant visual materials: Name, Logo and Colors are that significant initials on which the entire company, communication and services are to be built in the future.

  • Defining the target audience;
  • Identification of relevant communication channels for the target audience
  • Defining communication styles, forms and techniques
  • Formation of a marketing action plan (time schedule and budgeting);

Preparation of a marketing and PR strategy is a significant precondition for the proper planning of the communication process. From the very beginning, it is necessary to define the target audience for successful communication or advertisement – a segment that will be formed as a key user of the company’s product or services. After the strategy is defined, the relevant action plan, certain events with time schedule and budget is to be created.

  • Full management of conferences, forums, entertaining events; invitation of guests, decoration;
  • Production of PR materials (media announces and press releases);
  • Photo shooting/photography;

Proper management of events in any field is one of the major preconditions for gaining success. Attention will be paid to both visuals and content. The most important factor is the communication with media producers and journalists, whom the professionally created media announcements and press releases will be provided to, since the proper coverage of the event is not less important than holding the event itself.

  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tweeter, Linked in – page administration;
  • Direct communication with the user;
  • Ads placement (through Ads Manager and Google Analytics);

In the modern world, the line of success of any services or production goes through the proper management of social networks. At first sight, it is easy to manage the social networks, though proficiency in their managing and advertising panels at a professional level enabling to save costs and make the communication more effective.

  • Creating ad texts taking into account the specific features of the target audience (Copywriting);
  • Graphic design for social networks and ad posts on websites

Brand / Company is exactly the one which is seen by the audience. It is important for the company to communicate with the target audience in a language and manner understandable to it. Graphic design is one of the major means for the visualization of production or services. Any ideas or products may be attractive, funny, sad and ugly, depending on how it is presented by the graphic designer. It is a field where no mistakes are permissible.

  • Photo-video drone shooting of events at 4K high quality
    (Both visual and audio) and editing.
  • Ad video-clip shooting and editing
  • Producing of commercial ad video-clips using template bases most famous all over the world

In the modern world, people are reading less and are eager to get the information easily. Short videos are an ideal choice for this purpose. Though the quality of the video, audio and editing should be considered which in entirety creates the worth product together with relevant scenario. Every such video will be unique to some extent and does not repeat the visions presented by others (competitors).

  • Studio shooting;
  • Industry-specific and other specific photography;
  • Photo for Portfolio;
  • Photo processing ;
  • Photo collage;

Professional photo shooting of various products and creating a portfolio / service catalog will help you to make your service or offers much more perceivable. The studio photo shooting gives an opportunity to regulate the light of different types and shadows and is used actively in the shooting of models and products.

  • roduction of motion graphic content, GIFs and videos.

Each photo, graphic poster or animation may be made alive, set in motion and by this, it becomes much more original and interesting to watch. It is a new standard which is gradually being established in modern marketing. Such an approach gives a much more perfect and attractive appearance to your brand’s communication.

  • Writing of scenarios for TV shows, podcasts and various events
  • Speechwriting – preparation of speech and presentation texts.

For each activity a preliminary scenario is necessary. The scenario may be both academic and humorous as well as youthful. If we are dealing with speech-making, then it is most important to create a relevant text with the appropriate message box and terminology. While writing the texts for speech each phrase and term are thinking of thoroughly.

  •  Making models of buildings and landscape according to the scales;
  • Making dioramas;
  • Making project renderings (architectural, relief);
  • Making mockups

In parallel with the start of work on various construction projects, appropriate models, dioramas, mockups are made, which allow visualization of the final product and are an ideal way to present it to the client or the public. Geocreative specialists make models with precise scale.

  • Arrangement / decoration of residential, administrative and studio spaces.
  • Arranging decorations
  • Designing TV projects.
  • Manufacture of furniture and installations of natural and artificial materials.

Proper planning, drawing and design is a prerequisite for arranging different types of commercial or studio spaces. Each decoration should be unique and not repeat the already existing visuals. The variety of materials allows for proper budget planning.

  • Making of voluminous letters;
  • Making and installation of billboards

Making different types of billboards and boards requires original and creative approaches to highlight the features and nuances of an organization’s brand book. Non-standard (not just printed) billboards make the information on it more memorable.

  •  Creative arrangement of indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Production of sound installations (indoor and outdoor);
  • Programming and installation of smart devices

Modern technologies allow us to pleasantly surprise our guests, create a very comfortable and nice environment, so that cooperation with us becomes an unforgettable memory for them.

  • Work on the content of the websites
  • Work on the structural part of the website

In the modern world, websites are the business card of companies. However, in addition to the visual side, it is necessary to adjust the content and functionality, in order to be as easy to use as possible for the customer. It is necessary to create a website in accordance with the goals and objectives of the company – active work on editing.