DUBAI EXPO 2020 – “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”


On October 1, 2021, started “DUBAI EXPO 2020”, which was planned to take place in 2020, though due to the spread of pandemics in the world, the event was postponed to the above date. This is a universal exhibition, which is held in Dubai and it unites three main issues. Opportunities – Freedom for Individuals and Public Associations, to create a better future. Mobility – Innovative logistics, transport, and communications for public goods. Sustainable development – access to renewable natural resources and water. For 6 months, Dubai has hosted over 200 countries, which represent the best ideas, projects, and tangible or intangible infrastructure in the world – everything that is related to the DUBAI EXPO 2020 format.

“DUBAI EXPO 2020” was the first global exhibition in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. 25 million people attended the large-scale event. The event generated up to $ 23 billion and it gave a boost to the UAE economy, which grew by only 1.19 percent due to the processes, which were developed in the world and Covid-19.

In the amid of the global energy crisis, The direction of sustainable development of “DUBAI EXPO 2020” should be especially emphasized, where the focus was made on innovative energy sources, renewable wind, solar, and water resources, which are so important to prevent an ecological catastrophe – in local, regional and global contexts. One of the ideas of the event was to initiate aimlessly emission and reuse of water. As we read on the website of “DUBAI EXPO 2020”, The highly developed infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates emits up to 53% of wastewater consumption, up to 102 million 835 thousand liters of water suitable for storage.

The aforesaid responds directly to „United Nations“ action plan – „United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development“, The latter means reducing emissions and using the earth’s resources in a way that does not harm the present, while ensuring that future generations can satisfy their energy needs safely. 

Establishing a commercial union with the Business Chamber of Asian & Gulf Countries and diversifying the economic sector is a growing interest of countries. In this context it must be noted, that a large-scale exhibition of “DUBAI EXPO 2020” – did not pass without Georgian representatives. The purpose of the delegation was to acquaint the guests of the event with the culture, script, tourism, and investment potential of our country. Georgian pavilion was placed in the exhibition space at the section of sustainable development, which capacity is 213 sq.m. Georgian script and calligraphy, as well as literary works, were presented. Theatrical performance – “7 live pictures from Georgian literature” was also held.

It is important that Georgia’s relations with the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world, in general, are strengthened and that interest in Georgia is growing in terms of tourism, investment, and trade.

At „DUBAI EXPO 2020“ there were announced the following date and location of the next exhibition of “WORLD EXPO”. Considering that this event is held once every 5 years, the event will start in Japan on April 13, 2025, and will last until October 15. These types of events have particular importance in terms of deepening economic and cultural relations. The informal environment and diverse cultural elements create an unusual environment for establishing new relationships and connections.

Finally, it should be noted that “DUBAI EXPO 2020” was a special opportunity for up to 200 countries. New Connections, Potential Investors Innovative projects, and sustainable development policies gave the event a special touch, at the exhibition of “DUBAI EXPO 2020” – The Georgian delegation also presented itself to the world, which was able to represent the country’s capabilities and values extraordinarily. Such events will establish new economic ties, which, in parallel with the shocking state of the world economy, are vital for Georgia.

“Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” – DUBAI EXPO 2020

Author: David Tsirdava