Innovative project – Kharagauli Visitor Center


Tourism has become a sector of economic sustainability for a number of countries. That is why colossal sums of money and resources are spent on the development of tourism and the attraction of tourists from around the world. The popularity of the country and the demand in the tourism market are, of course, determined by the tourism infrastructure, service standards and variety of spectacular places in the country.

The tourism industry occupies a significant share in the Georgian economy. The rate of incoming foreign visitors has a direct impact on the economy. Therefore, it is strategically necessary for Georgia to work on increasing and developing tourism.

Georgia, as a tourist destination country, is becoming more and more attractive and interesting in the international arena. Ecotourism, cultural monuments, mountains and sea resorts, protected areas, national cuisine – this is an incomplete list of the components that will present Georgia in the international tourism market.

In order to increase the number of incoming visitors, it is necessary to package and present the tourism product according to international standards. Borjomi-Kharagauli Forest-Park is one of outstanding tourist places due to its biodiversity and vulnerable species. Flora, fauna and untouched, wildlife make this forest-park invaluable and has great potential in terms of tourism. In addition, it is one of the largest parks in Europe and has been a member of the PAN parks of European protected areas since 2007.

Based on all the above circumstances, a strategic tourism development plan has been developed. There is a Guideline (ETDS) for the development of ecotourism, which is based on the requirements of the European Charter and the principles developed by the EUROPARC Federation. According to these standards, reconstruction / arrangement of Borjomi Visitor Center was planned. Organized by the WWF Caucasus Program Office and funded by the CNF (Caucasus Wildlife Fund), the Visitor Center Infrastructure and Improvement Project was developed and implemented by Geosilkroad. As a result, the Borjomi Visitor Center has been adapted to international standards, the space has been renovated with a completely new and innovative design, which is also very important, the Visitor Center has been adapted as a result of the reconstruction.

Only ecologically clean materials has been used in the carried out work and all the requirements for environmental safety are met.

The existence of this type of visitor center is obviously a prerequisite for success for the country. It will increase interest in both domestic and international tourism.

Kharagauli Visitor Center is a successful example of the correct vision needed for the development of ecotourism. It is equivalent and consistent with both international standards and tourism requirements.