“Renewed Regions”


Resolution N185 of the Government of Georgia of April 26, 2021 approved the program “Renewed Regions”, which includes the renewal of 63 municipalities, reconstruction of historical centers, construction of sports and recreation complexes, rehabilitation of historical and cultural monuments, arrangement of entertainment and educational spaces, regulation of administrative institutions, etc.

Regional renewal projects will be implemented by the Municipal Development Fund of the Ministry of Infrastructure and municipalities. Under this program, a special commission was set up, staffed with specialist from local self-government, central government and spatial planning. The activity of the mentioned commission envisages the determination of the objects and places in the region, on which the construction-rehabilitation works will be performed. When deciding on the selected sites, the Commission focuses on the characteristics of the region, the historical and cultural context and the current purpose of the sites.

Companies will be identified through a tender for construction and rehabilitation works.

The financial cost of the project, for the first stage, is 500 million GEL. According to the approved state program, the money is planned to be used in 4 years, as the completion of the project is scheduled for this time.

According to the Prime Minister, this program is valuable for many reasons. With the improvement of the infrastructure of the regions, jobs will be created, additional tourist zones will appear and, in general, the country will acquire new life.

According to the program, construction and rehabilitation works are already underway in several regions.