The importance of eco-friendly industry


The rise of global environmental risks has become a major challenge for the world. That is why international organizations name an eco-friendly system as an alternative way to fight the problem, which means a production mechanism that does less harm to the environment and offers consumers a safe product. The European Union is one of the organizations that is actively working to introduce an eco-friendly system and raise public awareness in this regard. Information cards were issued under the auspices of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization UNIDO and the EU4Environment- Resource Efficiency and Clean Production Program. The information provided emphasizes the importance and need for eco-friendship.

Practice has shown that taking into account the ecological situation for a business and moving to an eco-friendly system is not only an indicator of high responsibility for the work, but also an effective way to save costs. The right choice of raw materials and energy source in the entrepreneurial case, the guarantee of avoiding unnecessary costs, which in itself is obviously financially profitable for the company. Thus, from a practical point of view, resource efficiency is beneficial for the producer. Most importantly, optimizing the consumption of raw materials, electricity and water is a step towards a common goal, reducing environmental impact.

Clean production and resource efficiency enable companies to recycle and reuse waste that is catastrophically harmful to the environment. These savings will ultimately lead to a rapid increase in profits for the business.

The introduction of an eco-friendly system is proven in all types of activities, be it the production process, the production of products or the consumer sector. A scheme for the implementation of this system has been developed, which combines several components. „Plan – do – test – act“ – this is the strategy needed for clean production and resource efficiency.

Nowadays, many companies have switched to principles of ecological management of business, production of bio-products, use of solar energy and ecologically clean materials for construction. Implementing the above measures significantly reduces the rate of CO2 emissions and solid waste.

Also we have to mention the fact that eco-friendly manufacturing dignifies the company internationally and gives it certain privileges, such as access to “green” loans, which are granted by international financial organizations to implement high-cost entrepreneurial methods.

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