Project profile:

The project will open a calcite mining and processing plant in the Western Georgia, in Kutaisi, where huge high-purity calcium carbonate deposits can be exploited.

The annual capacity of the mining and processing plant will be 19,000 tons, which will meet the growing demand in the local, Georgian market, as well as the need to export to the EU, the Middle East, Russia and other countries. The investment required for this project is $ 4 million, with a 15-year IRR of 47%.

World market:

Market size (2012): 15,66 billion USD (86.5 million tons);

Annual growth rate: 7%;

Asia Pacific ocean (2012):  49% share of the global market;

North America (2012): 20,7% share of the global market;

Europe (2012): 23,7% share of the global market;

Advantages of Georgia:

Georgia has a favorable investment environment, as evidenced by:

  • Tax-free export to the EU, the US, the CIS, and other regions with a total population of 2 billion;
  • Availability of the suitable raw material ores;
  • The government’s priority project;
  • Low-cost resource – for example, electricity, labor force and water;
  • Favorable geographical location – easily accessible European and Asian markets through the Black Sea ports of Poti and Batumi;
  • High quality deposits;
  • Naturally high-purity;

Project description:

Company location: Kutaisi;

Target market: Territorial market and export to the EU, the Middle East, Russia, etc.;

Annual volume: 165,000 tons;

Financial indicators:

Total investment: 28 million USD;

Expected income per year: 21 million USD;

EBITDA: 6.2 million USD;

30 year IRR: 20%;

Government resources

The Government of Georgia offers the following financial incentives:

  • The nominal price of the land;
  • Disbursement of the loan/lease within the framework of the initiative – “Enterprise Georgia” (;
  • Co-financing of capital through Partnership Fund (;
  • Technical assistance through Georgian Industrial Development Group;


The regional demand for high-purity calcium carbonate from Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan is high. It should be noted that logistical issues (in this case the cost of transportation) play an important role in determining the price of the product. Unlike its competitors, Georgia is close to the markets of the Caucasus, Asia and the Persian Gulf countries, which allows it to become a cheap supplier of calcium carbonate and an advanced producer of calcium carbonate.