Dighomi Car Depot #2

The “GEOSILKROAD” Company has successfully prepared the design and estimate documentation for gasification of Car Depot #2 and renovation of gas station of the Tbilisi Transport Company Ltd.

Within the framework of the mentioned project, Ltd. “Tbilisi Transport Company” has intended to expand the fleet of buses running on natural gas up to 370 units, for which it became necessary to increase the capacity of the gas station. A pre-project study was conducted to determine the potential (resource) of the high pressure natural gas pipeline. Based on it, measures were planned to increase the capacity of the station.

Each gas column provides the means of identifying the subordinated vehicles and electronic control of the fuel issued to them; and availability of registered data for the company’s centralized management system.

Based on the study, design-estimate documentation and conceptual plan for the project implementation were prepared:

  • Strategy and main directions;
  • List of studies to be conducted and justification of their need;
  • Sketch plan of the designed object;
  • Measurement drawings of objects to be designed;
  • Specification of materials, technological equipment to be used in the project and feasibility study.