“Economic – 2030”


„Economy 2030“ was the name of the 10-year economic development plan, which was developed within the framework of the 10-year government plan initiated by the Prime Minister. The document, which is a long-term action plan, outlines strategic visions and reforms to be carried out, as well as identifies priority areas in which the government intends to address more resources. Particular emphasis is made on increasing exports and import-substituting manufacturing. About 50 different fields are named in this direction. There will be a special, complex offer for the development of these industries, which includes: loan interest subsidies, credit-guarantee support and a completely new component – a grant. The purpose of the grant is explained by the Minister of Economy by the fact that small businesses do not have their own capital for development and innovation, so the grant component will significantly increase their entrepreneurial opportunities, which will be an important step to help the export industry. Another factor contributing to business in export orientation is the fact that Georgia has the opportunity of customs free, free trade with 46 countries, and within the framework of a 10-year plan, it is planned to establish a free trade regime with at least 57 countries.

Priority directions were named for the “Enterprise Georgia” program. Agro and ecotourism will be the areas in which the government will offer an aid plan. According to the Minister of Economy, the assistance plan is developed according to the specific, identified needs of all sectors.

A special place in the long-term action document is occupied by the transport and logistics sectors, in which at least 3 billion GEL is planned to be invested. In terms of revenue, tourism is considered a strategic sector, from which a record rate of foreign currency inflows is expected. The long-term plan includes another important project that will strengthen the country’s energy security. The case concerns the connection of Georgia’s energy system to the European Union via a high-voltage cable running to the bottom of the Black Sea. By implementing this project, our country once again confirms its desire to become a member of the European Union.

Natia Turnava spoke about these and many other directions during the presentation of the “Economy 2030” action plan.

“Economy 2030” was created for the consistent development of the economy, to achieve steady growth and poverty reduction. The document is positively evaluated by the President of the Business Association and she expects positive results. The association is also preparing the remarks they have regarding the 10-year action plan, and will announce its publication in the coming days.

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