Pankisi Diabase

Project Profile:

This Georgian mining opportunity is unique in that it involves a specific and very remarkable stone: diabase. With streaks of copper, this dense stone in the granite family comes in rich shades of green and has huge a potential in the construction industry as a finishing material for external use. This project involves an untapped diabase deposit accessible via Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge. Once the quarrying begins, extremely valuable diabase blocks will be extracted from this deposit for direct sale on the international market. The investment needed for this project is an estimated USD 2.5 million with a 5-year IRR of 25%.


• Global market size of dimension stone industry (2013) – USD 54 billion
• Annual growth rate – 7.5%
• Major producers of raw natural stones: China, India, Italy, Iran, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, Portugal, the US, Greece, France and South Africa.
• Major consumers of finished products: China, the US, India, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Germany, France, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil and the UK.
Advantages of Georgia:
• Duty free export to the EU, US, CIS and other regions with a total population of 2 billion
• Existing infrastructure and communications
• Inexpensive resources such as electricity, labor and water
• Advantageous geographical location: easily accessible European and Asian markets via the Black Sea ports of Poti and Batumi
• Deposit – 4.5 million m3
• High quality physical – mechanical characteristics, extensive color range, texture and natural designs
• Import of dimension stone (2014) – USD 16 million, annual growth rate – 37% (since 2009)
• Georgian construction market (2012) – USD 2.5 billion, annual growth rate – 22% (since 1999)
• Lack of local production allows great potential for import-substitution
• Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) between Georgia and the EU

Project Description:

• Company location – Akhmeta, Kakheti
• Target market – local market and export to EU, Middle East countries, Russia, etc.
• Plant will obtain unique, malachite-colored diabase natural stone blocks with modern technology
• Annual capacity – 20,000 m3
• A detailed business plan and any other information will be provided upon request. Feel free to email us at or see the contact information below

Financial Highlights:

• Total investment: USD 5 million
• 3rd year revenue: USD 5 million
• 3rd year EBITDA: USD 7 million
• 5 year IRR: 25%

Governmental Resources:

The Government of Georgia provides the following financial incentives:

• Nominal price for land
• Loan/leasing subsidy through the “Produce in Georgia Initiative” (
• Equity co-financing through the Partnership Fund (
• Technical assistance through the Georgia Industrial Development Group

In Summary: Gems the size of stone slabs

The diabase blocks extracted from the Akhmeta plant are remarkable works of natural wonder. Diabase is ancient exotic stone, rich with copper veins that trace the glossy malachite-colored surface of these ornate stone blocks.


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