Real Estate – The Best Investment Sector?


Real estate has been in the forefront of investment for decades and is still considered the best tool for investing money in Georgia. What are the key characteristics of this asset that make it attractive to invest in the local or international market? It is this important topic that we will review in today’s blog.

Investing your own funds in real estate and buying a solid asset is the optimal way to earn a stable income and gain long-term financial freedom. The price of real estate is growing day by day, so you can get benefits both by selling in the short run and by renting in the long run. The latter aspect is the biggest benefit of investing in real estate, which means deducting the fee paid on the asset by renting your property. This means that investing money in this direction can be considered a successful example.

In addition, you have the opportunity to systematize the buying / renting of real estate, not be satisfied with the purchase of a single asset, and also incorporate the profession of an entrepreneur.

Investing in real estate in the local market is a simple and flexible method, taking into account a number of factors, even when you need to find finance. One of the contributing aspects of the simplicity of the process is the banking policy, which envisages easy issuance of mortgages and low interest rates.

It should also be noted that investing money in real estate is the best way to insure yourself against inflation. If prices rise in the country, it will affect real estate and the cost of renting it will also increase significantly. Therefore, the owner of a real estate is protected from the negative effects of inflation.

The potential of Georgian real estate in the international market is high. Demand for residential or office space and land is maintained even in the event of a co-epidemic. The basis of interest is the low market value of real estate and the liberal investment policy of the country, which includes:

Registration of real estate ownership in the shortest time (15 minutes);

Annual return on investment 13-15%

0% real estate tax;

Rental tax only 5%;

The right of residence for the whole family for the non-residents in case of purchase of real estate worth more than 100,000 USD;

No restrictions on the purchase of real estate for non-residents.

Taking into account all these factors, it is attractive and interesting for a foreign investor to buy real estate on the Georgian market.

To sum up, there is a constant demand for real estate and an effectively selected asset can actually bring in high returns in a short period of time.

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